Why Test?

App Testing – Issues to Consider

OS fragmentation – Assess your App across OS versions

Compatibility – Test your App against varying device capabilities

Fresh Eyes – You don’t know what you don’t know

Cross Platform – Test consistently across platforms for consistent performance

Independent review of your App by experienced and proven team

It’s not possible to develop one App for ‘The Smartphone’. You must consider the divergence of OS platforms in your target markets. Even within each platform, different OS versions and Smartphone models can add development challenges.

You will want to target the devices in use in the market which your App is aimed at to get good coverage and uptake. To do this well you need to check for compatibility across a wide range of devices.You don’t know what you don’t know. Rigorous and consistent App testing and fault diagnosis across all target platforms is critical in ensuring you don’t damage your image or brand by releasing a malfunctioning App.

Non-functional testing is performed under a number of conditions on a representative range of devices. This is a critical phase of development, extending the functional testing and optimising the experience for the greatest number of users. The App (web, mobile or desktop) should display and work well (and intuitively) on all of the target devices under real world conditions

Make the most of your development investment by ensuring you have a robust well tested App to deploy.